The charming village of Sovana is about 10 kms. from Pitigliano, and is an absolutely essential part of Maremma hills itinerary for every tourist.

Tombs dating back to the VII century B.C. are testimony to the presence of small groups of shepherds and farmers, perhaps some of the first inhabitants of these areas. The Etruscan Necropolis surrounding the village, despite the fact that is does not cover an extensive area, is quite unique of its kind, in view of the number of different tombs that can be visited.

The village extends along a main internal road and which has on one end the ruins of the rock and at the other, the Cathedral. Piazza del Pretorio is at the heart of the village centre, onto which most of the important buildings face: The Archives, the Captain’s Loggia, the Bourbon Palace and the Church of Santa Maria.  This church is a little jewel, very small and quite unique in its beauty. The church probably dates back to the XII-XIII centuries. The inside of the church is divided into three naves of mostly Roman but it also has kept several gothic elements.

The Cathederal of SS. Pietro and Paolo, in all its splendour, is at the end of the village. It is the most important monument in Sovana and is reached via a road flanked with cypresses. It was built on an existing church from which the marble archway and the old crypt remain. The actual structure, by its architecture and decoration, would appear to be from the XI-XII centuries.